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Louis likes it when Salta or Petts does well in the show cause he has new medals to play with. Haha! So happy with Salta’s performance yesterday ☺️
"Through the years I just kept on believing
Had to be a plan or a reason
But Heaven was silent and life just kept moving along
‘Til my heart knew the moment was gone"
Lady Antebellum, I Did With You
Happy birthday mommy! You know how grateful I am to be your daughter. No words can express how lucky I am. IlNo more super cheesy and long greeting haha but you know how much I love you! 😘☺️ @avtang67
Have never felt so much of a failure in my entire life.

I fail as a student that despite my efforts, I still fail. 

I fail at dealing with relationships. 

I fail as a rider who can’t even do anything right.

I basically fail at life. 

no, I’m not okay. 


How to Pronounce Designer Names 101
Anna Sui: anna swee
Ann Demeulemeester: ann de-mule-eh-meester
Azzedine Alaia: azz-eh-deen ah-lie-ah
Badgley Mischka: badge-lee meesh-kah
Balenciaga: bah-len-see-ah-gah
Balmain: bahl-mahhhhn
Bottega Veneta: bow-tay-guh vah-netta
Christian Lacroix: christian luh-kwa
Christian Louboutin: christian loo-boo-tan
Comme des Garçons: comb dey gah-sown
Dolce & Gabbana: dol-chey and gab-ana
Dries Van Noten: drees van know-ten
Gareth Pugh: gareth pew
Giambattista Valli: gee-am-bah-tease-ta vah-lee
Gianfranco Ferre: gee-ahn-franco feh-ray
Givenchy: zjee-von-shee
Hermès: er-mez
Hervé Léger: air-vay lay-jah
Hussein Chalayan: hoo-sane sha-lion
Issey Miyake: iss-ee mee-yah-key
Jean Paul Gaultier: zhon paul go-tee-ay
Junya Watanabe: jun-yah wat-an-ah-bey
Kinder Aggugini: kinder ag-ooh-gee-nee
Lanvin: lahn-vahn
Loewe: loh-wev-eh
Louis Vuitton: loo-wee vwee-tahn
L'Wren Scott: la-ren scott
Maison Martin Margiela: may-sohn martin mar-jhell-ah
Marchesa: mar-kay-sah
Mary Katrantzou: mary cat-trant-zoo
Miu Miu: mew-mew
Monique Lhuillier: monique le-hu-lee-ay
Moschino: mos-key-no
Olivier Theyskens: oh-liv-ee-ay tay-skins
Proenza Schouler: pro-en-zuh skool-er
Rochas: row-shahs
Rodarte: row-dar-tay
Roksanda Ilincic: roksanda ill-in-chik
Salvatore Ferragamo: sal-vah-tor-re fer-ra-gah-moh
Sonia Rykiel: sewn-yah ree-key-el
Thakoon: tah-koon
Versace: vur-sah-chee
Yves Saint Laurent: eve san lau-ron
Yohji Yamamoto: yoh-jee yam-ah-mo-to

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"I failed as a student.
I failed as a daughter.
I failed as a girlfriend.
I failed as a human being."
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"Have you ever just looked at someone and thought, “I really love you”. They’re just talking or humming or watching a movie or reading a book or laughing or something, and there’s something about them in that moment that makes you think, “I just really love you."
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walking into the wrong class